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Any responsible website designer should always have a master list of things to look out for. In designing any website, he always remember the important things that have to be present. In the same manner, a good website designer should also be aware of common errors to look out for. Talking to California Web Design has allowed us to see common mistakes that many web designers overlook.

All California Website designers have been briefed again and again to avoid these mistakes. This can probably explain why California Web Design always delivers consistently good web pages! If you want to know what these errors are, here is California Website Designer’s error checklist.

1. The text in the web page cannot be skimmed through- California Web Design warns of this common design error that has become a common trend. There is the general notion that writing style and format for web pages is the same as writing for a newspaper. The 2 could not be more different.

While it is ok for newspapers to have paragraphs that run into each other, and that have no separation and color, it is certainly not ok for web pages and sites to be formatted this way. When you’re dealing with a website, your users will expect it to appear alive and vibrant. That’s why a good web designer needs to create text that readers will find easy to scan and skim through. In creating your website, it is good to make sure that there are clear headlines, sub-headlines, bullets or lists, keywords that have been highlighted and short paragraphs. We also recommend using easy to understand and casual language, and stay away from anything too complicated.

2. Font sizes that are fixed- There is no limit as to who uses the internet these days. Anyone from 9 years old to 90 can be easily surfing the web. This is a fact that web designers need to take into account. When one designs a website in CSS, there’s always that button that allows the designer to disable the “change font size” command. California Web Design says that you will be better off by leaving this button alone. Your chosen font size may just turn out too to be too small to read, especially for your site visitors that are over 40 years of age. Keep your site friendly to these users, and allow them to set the font size in whatever is readable to them.

3. Low Search Engine Visibility on Page or Article Titles -T We believe that the reason that so many businesses are turning to websites and online marketing is that they want to capture a wider consumer base. If you have page titles that are too obscure, and non informative then you’ll have a hard time doing that. Keep your page titles unique enough that it doesn’t easily blend in, but don’t make it be strangely weird that it sticks out like a sore thumb. As a standard practice, stray from naming pages with anything that starts with a “The” or “Welcome To” as these are the most common page names in the market.Take these simple tips and commit them to memory, and see the big difference they will make on any website that you create. Remember that it’s the smallest details that will make a big difference, so keep this things consistent so you keep coming up with great looking and functioning websites all the time!

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