Cheap Web Design, Unique Web Design, Custom Web Design Equals Best Web Design

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Of course you want the best web design you can get. Ergo you want the best web design company you can afford. However, deciding what might be the very best web design or web design group for your business, may not be as easy as it sounds. Web design costs money. It needs to be an item budgeted for, along with other marketing ideas your business uses to get customers, make sales, close deals. In the case of the website, though, the ancillary benefits of the website may often outweigh the targeted marketing or sales purpose. You may indeed get those tight asses in operations to kick in a portion of the web design budget. Will miracles never cease! Sure you might have to give them a page or two but you can keep all of the really important pages for marketing!

Further, if you search thoroughly enough you may find that the range of high and low costs assigned to websites is quite broad indeed. If you do just an extra couple of hours of homework in selecting your web design company, you will likely find you can negotiate a very reasonable, affordable, and when you factor in the those operational advantages, downright inexpensive (dare I say cheap?), web design from a highly qualified web design group. What more could you ask? Oh now you want a Unique, Custom Designed Website that specifically targets your exact customers and highlights your specific products to your most desired buyers. OK, so you want it all, and cheap too.

So you do your homework, you negotiate for the custom unique web design you need and deserve. You get set up to let your selected web design group begin the website. That’s all you can do right, that and hope? Wrong, camel breath, unless your web guys know and understand the full range of your business, all of the slight but important nuances that need to be included in the website to make it really work well, they will take shortcuts so as not to address the minor details that are essential to getting the site you really want. So here is the thing that separates the big dogs from the pups in getting that truly unique custom website design that everyone wants. You must provide your web design guy all of the details. This is of course not to say you have to gather all that material yourself. You convince your operations guy that this is of the utmost importance and have him do most of the work. You just see that it gets done so you can take full credit for including it when the raises and awards are being handed out. Is this clear? It might be the most important part of obtaining the very best website you can get.

Finally, since you are spending some company money on this project, albeit about a third of what your major competitor spent, you put that web design company on the shortest leash possible. You arrange numerous if not daily reviews of the materials being prepared for the site and these you actually review yourself. You obtain maximum feedback from everyone you can get to review the site as it gets nearer to completion. You might even organize a focus group of your best clients to give you input. In short, you give your web design company enough material and direction that they have no excuse but to get it right. Yes, this means you might have to avoid three martini lunches for several days. Having done so, though, you may be able to pull of that most elusive task, because in the end: Cheap Web Design, Unique Web Design, Custom Web Design Equals Best Web Design.

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Gene Schwerman is founder and head marketing consultant for Truly Unique Website Design. Truly Unique specializes in affordable custom website design services.

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