Professional Web Design Kit

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Professional Web Design Kit

  • Includes Macromedia Backstage Designer Plus, backstage Manager, Asymetrix Wed 3D, Macromedia xRes SE,
  • Also has a Professional Graphics Library, Macromedia PowerApplets
  • Includes 2 best selling books: Web Concept and Design & Designing Web Animation. Valued at each!
  • The best tools for Web Designer’s desktp…All in one box!
  • Everything you need to disign compelling, interactive, and dynamic web pages!

Design dynamic, compelling Web pages with this suite of professional Web design tools. Multimedia, animation, graphics, and more can be incorporated into your Web page using this kit. It comes with Macromedia Backstage Designer Plus, Backstage Manager, Asymetrix WEB 3D, Macromedia xRed SE, professional graphics library, Macromedia PowerApplets, 2 best-selling books: Wed Concept and Design and Designing Web Animation.


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