Regular Tips to Create “Memorable” Web Designs for Web Designers

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What makes a website design look more “Memorable”? There are various factors that make a website aesthetically appealing and highly memorable among targeted set of visitor. Below, a quick check list for some really useful regular tips to create “Touchable & Memorable” website design that separate your web portal from other sites. Let’s get started!

Regular tips to create “Memorable” Web Designs for web designers

Be simple and Creative: An individual should always stick to simple and professional web design concept rather than complex and comprehensive layout. The reason is simple – Simplicity is the key to a user-centric web portal. So, go for simple but creative web portal design and create long-lasting impression on prospective online visitors.

Illusion of light sources:Never forget to master the illusion of light sources for creating really “Touchable & Memorable” web designs. Gradations, plenty of shadows, textures, backgrounds, headers, and layers are the most important elements help in creating a website that looks “Touchable & Memorable”.

User-friendly Navigational layout:Always keep the navigational structure of web portal very simple and user-friendly so that online visitors can easily find exactly what they’re looking for. It is highly recommended to pay more attention towards website navigation while designing or redesigning a web portal because an unprofessional navigational website structure can really become one of the major reasons for visitors’ big turn off.

Web Layout and Elements: Website layout and elements are the major areas of concern that cannot be neglected at any cost. A person should try to avoid too busy layout with small print. Say no web layout with too much of TEXT. Pay more attention towards proper usage of white space, right positioning of headers and footers etc. Online visitors love a well-balanced website professionally and intelligently designed by organizing the right amount of elements.

By considering above discussed factors, an individual can make his website design look more aesthetically appealing and “Memorable” among targeted set of visitors.

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