Good Web Design – Entry Page Creation Tips.

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Good Web Design – Entry Page Creation Tips.

Article by Stuart Mortimer

This article explains what web site entry pages are and will inform you about why they are so important to your online marketing and give you some useful ideas to use when incorporating entry pages into your website designs.

A website entry page is a page that is targeted at both a specific group of users and specific search engine key phrases. The aim of an entry page therefore is to rank well for the key phrases that a well defined user group may search for and to promote products and services to that user group by providing highly targeted marketing messages. Along with these highly focused marketing pages you should supply strong calls to action for interested users to get in touch or to make a purchase quickly and easily.

By using lots of different entry pages, each targeted at a specific group of users, you can provide customised marketing messages to lots of different groups of people, each of which may search for different specific key phrases.

Providing lots of entry pages on your site is a very powerful search engine technique, for example, my web design business is based in Doncaster, UK. I therefore have entry pages on my website that are targeted towards web design customers in the Doncaster area. Such entry pages would target key phrases such as:

Web design Doncasterwebsite design company Doncasterweb page designer Doncaster

These key phrases are easily written into the copy on my entry pages, which I use, describe the benefits of using my web design services.

Another really useful idea is to make sure these target key phrases are put into attention grabbing headlines so that your users know straight away that they have landed on a site that has what they are looking for. From this point it is a job of selling your services to the internet user who is currently reading your sales pitch!

Your sales copy should point out the benefits or your products or services and describe your unique selling position. Here it is important to point out why your products and services are unique and why someone should buy from you. A good tip is to try and second guess and questions that your users may have and make sure to answer them in your sales copy.

Once you have convinced the internet user that you have what they need and they are at the point of deciding whether to buy from you or whether to make an enquiry you have done the hard work and your website entry page has almost served its purpose. You must STILL remember the golden rule – provide an easy call to action that interested users can follow to get in touch. This can be as simple as leaving a phone number or email address but you would be surprised how often this is forgotten!


By following this easy guide, you can boost your web design by creating highly effective website entry pages that are both user and keyword focused. Using entry pages is a very effective web promotion technique that you can use to boost your online marketing, make more sales and get online enquiries. Why not put web site entry pages to work on your website today?

About the Author

Stuart is a freelance website designer in Doncaster UK who specialises in search engine friendly web design doncaster for companies of all types.

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