Simple Web Design Works Effectively and Efficiently

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Simple Web Design Works Effectively and Efficiently

Article by Bryan F Bell

Simple web design can work wonders for your business. One should clear the mind of misconception that a simple web design is boring. The other thing that should be made clear is simplicity is different from attractiveness. A web design can be simple and at the same time attractive because they are completed different facets of a website.

What does a simple web design mean?

A simple web design means that the layout of the website is so clear and to the point that even the first time visitor finds it easy to navigate. The visitor should find it easy to locate what he is searching for. He/she should not get confused by the layout of the web design. A simple layout facilitates the visitor with saving of time and money. If the visitor finds the navigation complicated he/she could take a longer time to search what he/she wants and this could lead to more billing by the network service provider. The worst case could be that the visitor could log out of the website and go to the competitor’s website. A website should not cause mental stress to the visitor. It has also been observed that easy navigation is one of influencing factors for search engine optimization and considered positing for indexing on the search engine list. This is because a simple layout facilitates the spiders or the crawlers of the search engines. The simplicity of the website could be with reference to the content too. The language used should be simple and easy to understand. It should communicate the purpose of the website to the visitor.

What does attractive mean?

Attraction pertains to the visual effect when a person sees anything. When anything is different it is supposed to catch the eye of any human being but the effect can be either positive or negative. Making the website attractive is all about gluing the visitor’s eyes to the website. This does not mean that one should use bright colors or resort to other unconventional ways of making the website attractive. The web design should be such that the visitor feels that the website has been designed after considering his/her needs. The website should be marketing oriented and not sales oriented. The website should be a bit different from others. One should not try experimenting a lot for making the website look different. On the other hand the difference can be created by adding functionality that is not offered by other websites. The difference can also be created by prompt response to buyer queries and quick after sales service. The study of buyer behavior always helps in making the website attractive.

This is how a simple and attractive web design can not only be affordable but also generate handsome return on investment.

Simple web design is means of neatness and cleanness of presentation. Whatever we present on website should be clear and not look like clumsy, at least visitor feel comfortable after landing. Text and graphic of website should be placed properly. Well-organized structure of website will be helpful for visitor to navigate website properly and it will work effective on visitors mind.

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