Web Pages Design Is Made Effortless Via CMS

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Web Pages Design Is Made Effortless Via CMS

Article by Jayden Solle

I recall when I was initially introduced to the internet close to thirteen or 14 years ago. I was nevertheless in high school at that point and was immediately fascinated with the latest “gadget” to hit civilization! The internet bug rapidly bit me and before long I was not only constantly browsing online, but additionally trying my hand at web pages design! My first website was a four page website (together with a MP3 playing in the background I’ll have you know!) dedicated to my boyfriend back then. The whole web site was designed in notepad, using HTML coding. My oh my, how times have evolved!

A couple of years later web pages design software was introduced and web site design became quicker and easier with the help of the various design resources. The issue now was that lots of individuals now tried out the various website design software packages and before long every second person on the street claimed to be a web site developer! As you can imagine, the standard and structure of some of these web sites were sub-standard.

One of the greatest disadvantageous of both using basic Code and website design software was that developing a website was still a time consuming and complex procedure. Each and every page had to be designed individually, formatting had to be specified throughout an entire website. and once you completed your website you had to start yet again!

That was until Content Management Systems, or CMS abbreviated, were introduced to the market! A cms could be compared to a library filled along with shelves and racks of publications, encyclopedias and magazines. The librarian can easily locate a specific book by simply accessing her data. A content management system exists of files rather than books, however a powerful administrator system is there to fulfill the job of the librarian and quickly “locate” the right page or file.

There are different content management systems readily available. Two of the most popular CMS systems in my opinion are Joomla and WordPress. WordPress is mostly used in smaller sized web sites or web sites that require blogging features. This CMS is very simple to use as most of the structural work is performed by the CMS itself. Quite simply, you do not need to actually develop a menu item every time you create a new page – WordPress does this for you.

Joomla cms however requires a bit more understanding and training, but is actually (in my personal opinion) much more powerful than WordPress. Please note this is a personal viewpoint and not based on any research. Joomla has several plug-ins as well as components to select from and if you need a specific functionality on your web site, chances are that you will be able to find a suitable plug-in or component free or charge.

Web pages design are not as time intensive and cumbersome as a couple of years back. Why don’t you experiment with the different software packages as well as CMS systems accessible? You might be amazed with the final result!

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