RD CloudMotion 6 Software

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RD CloudMotion 6 Software

  • ?RazDog RD CloudMotion Software is easily incorporated into your new web designs using any of your standard web design tools.
  • ?Complete software libraries and sample use case allows you to integrate this solution fast into your new web designs.
  • ?Swipe zones can be added in multiple places on single pages if desired. Fully tested and proven reliability.
  • ?RazDog patent pending solution which ensures you are using a solution which minimizes your risk and reduces your time to market.
  • ?1 License supports: servers containing a combined max of 6 processors. 1 year included (Renewable annually)

RazDog.com’s RD CloudMotion software, gives you the tools you need to produce high-quality swipable web pages and content which provides your viewers a fun and exciting user experience. This patent pending software solution can be integrated into your new website design to provide your audience a more fun navigational experience. You can use your standard web development tools to build your site and you can integrate RazDog software into your new design. CloudMotion software allows you to create

List Price: $ 449.00

Price: $ 449.00

Simply 3D – 2

  • VRML2.0Animations
  • Transparent AnimatedGif Export
  • TONS of professional 3DClipArt
  • Direct 3D Acceleration
  • IncredibleInternet Support

Office 97 Compatible – Designed for Intel MMX graphics. Incredibly easy to use – design your own animated graphics or customize one of the many 3D clipart pieces provided for your use! Over 500 drag-and-drop 3D clipart images! Put your own unique 3D animations into your website or your Office presentations!

List Price: $ 35.00

Price: $ 35.00

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