Is it more Important to Concentrate on the Best Web Design or the Best Web Development?

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Is it more Important to Concentrate on the Best Web Design or the Best Web Development?

Article by Michelle Custodio

This is a “chicken before the egg” kind of scenario. It is impossible to have the best web development without the best web design and, by the same token, it is impossible for a website to reach its full potential without the best web development. In the ideal world, you would opt for both the best web design and the best web development.

The Best Web Design is Important:

The design is important because it is the foundation for a great website. The best web design incorporates elements of colour, style and design into a template that enhances the prospective client’s perception of your company’s brand. Without this vital design element, your page will look unappealing and will discourage further investigation.

A good web designer will also take business and marketing elements into account and will design the page in such a way that it becomes search engine optimised. The designer will ensure that the content is relevant and useful and that it enhances the overall value of the site. By suggesting the placement of customised applications, the designer will ensure that the site is easy for the end user to use. The best web design intrigues the web surfer and ensures that they stay on your site and navigate it. It makes it simple for the would-be client to act on impulse and contact you or order products. It makes it even simpler for the committed client to find ways to part with their hard-earned cash.

The Best Web Development is Important:

A fantastic design that has not been implemented properly will result in a loss of client confidence in your company. Poor web development, ie: broken or out-dated links, features that do not load properly, buttons that will not work, etc – cause the prospective client much frustration and could leave with the impression that there is a general lack of interest at the company. This can be very damaging to your brand – a person is unlikely to even consider that the mistakes were made by a web developer and will associate a poor website with your company, not the developer’s.So, which is more important – to concentrate on the best web design or to concentrate on the best web development. Personally, I would say that the design is more critical to a website’s ultimate success. That said, you should not concentrate your entire budget on the website design at the expense of the web development so try to strike a happy medium.

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