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SEO optimize web design tutorials

Article by Linda Bruke

Here are some examples of what some of our users have been unable to perform: What it takes to make a web page?As first thing, it requires the user to have a conocimieto advanced computer use, in addition, the materials needed for creating pages is as follows:PC or Macintosh.All our lessons are based on a PC with Windows operating system.Any program Web page editor.Although you can use any editor pages, here in our lessons, we will build on the program Netscape Communicator version 4.x or better. This does not mean that other programs like Front Page or Dreamweaver are not good, but use the COMMUNICATOR simply because it is free, it’s very easy to use and that way we can be sicronizados the commands to be doing our first page web.If you do not have this program, you can download FREE from the following location:NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR 4.78 (Vs. Spanish)Has come an improved version of Netscape Composer, this has been done by the company NVU and which looks very good, I’m starting to use it is possible that in the very near future are modifying my lessons into this new editor. If you want to have a copy can download it directly from this link:EDITOR NVU (see 0.90) (Ver. English)Server space in which to save the page created.You need a server space to upload your websites, there are many kinds and all prices from free to paid.BEST VALUE: Among paid as a contribution to strengthen all beginners “how to websites,” SecmasNET has given us an offer that cannot get anywhere else, for more information visit:WEB PROJECTIf you are looking for free space, first make sure that your Internet service provider may be assigned to that space. If your provider does not provide this space then you can find on the Internet many sites to provide free space for Web pages. Read Lesson 5 where we give free airtime addresses.Any graphic file editor program.These may include COREL DRAW, FREE HAND, and PAGE MAKER. In my lessons, everything has been created using Corel Draw 7.0.Any text editor program in ASCII format.In the PC with the WordPad program is more than enough.So, to work and continue with Lesson 2.Learning to design your own websiteIt is very easy to design your own website, your school, your favorite sports team or any other topic you love, you just need to get a page editor like FrontPage or any other, and with a little creativity, good taste and a minimum of effort, you will have your page.Moreover, in many websites, such as you can create even easier, since they have automatic with preset layouts that you choose, making the construction process even easier, but states that you keep in line until you’re done.If you want to do it yourself, here are the instructions to build it:Overview of a web pageUsing FrontPage98?Advanced FrontPage98 (branding)Example of a page with frames or framesOnce you’ve built your site, you will get a website where to stay or stay. To do this you can find where they offer “free or free pages pages” and request your space.

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