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Why Web Design and The Absence Of Internet Marketing Could Effect Your Financial Future

To be quite frank, web design is an art form and no not everyone in my opinion can paint a prize painting. Web design requires a keen eye into the details that will go into the development of the web site. One of the biggest missing components that most web design companies lack is their internet marketing experience & skills marketing online.

Most of the web designers do not have real world internet marketing experience which will play a big role in the development and outcome of the site to be made. If a person does not have any online or internet marketing experience there needs to be some questions made to the project manager or advisor with the company about that. Your website should be a dynamic marketing tool to get you more leads, more clients and more sales.

I should not just be a static informational, blown up business card that lists your contact details. You need a website that is designed to convert visitors into buyers. Each site should be designed with your target market in mind. Each site should include compelling graphics not too distracting but inviting, a amazing offer, Bonuses and a killer guarantee that will insure you have success online. I see way too many sites that do not have a opt-in form to capture their visitors & drive them into their marketing funnel so that you can follow up with automatically and offer them your product or service until they buy. Sadly the visitors show up and click away because they have no reason to stay.

Hiring a web design company that understands the importance of a squeeze page or even a built in opt-in form can give you a clue if they are right for your web design project. Another flaw with current web designers is that they fail to optimize your website. If your site is not optimized with keywords that major search engines love throughout your site in your content and as topics, your site may never get ranked. Or if you magically do, it may take weeks, months or even years! You might as well not even have a website if that is the case. Again, you should ask if your website will be build with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. If so make sure you request to see some samples of other sites they have created to verify this.

There is much more to designing websites that using a simple template and randomly inserting any old content into the body of the site. This is a surefire recipe for failure or reduced success online. From Opt in boxes, headlines, sales copy, size of your order buttons, order button placement, call to action, bonuses, price of your product that all will determine your sales conversions. It is imperative that the web design company you decide bring your vision, dream or idea to life possess the skills to deliver you the goods described above.

You may be asking what is a conversion? A conversion is what happens when a visitor to you site takes a desired action. That could be sale, an opt-in, a visitor viewing a certain page, or taking a .00 trial of your membership site. It is the most important element to your website! If you can increase you conversions, you won’t need to stress out about driving millions of people to your website. In a future article I will be talking more about conversions, but for now be wise when you select a web design company to handle your project because it just might have an impact on your financial future.

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Robert Montoya & his team designs websites & graphics that convert to help you succeed in your online business. Find out more about what a website designed for success will do for you & your business now at: =>> http://clevertonwebdesign.com/services/graphic-packages/

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