Different Ways To Re-Design Your Website

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Different Ways To Re-Design Your Website

Article by Phil Clifford

Websites are a bit different from a lot of promotional tools used for businesses. They are different in the fact that they need to be re-designed or re-structured from time to time. This is nothing new and is a known fact by most all site owners who run a business that gets a lot of its promotion from the website. There are many sites you may visit every day that have been updated and revamped. But for people who have a site and have yet to do this for the first time, they aren’t sure how to go about it or how to get it done.You basically have five things that you can get done to your website that will change it’s looks and the way it functions:Have it Re-Designed – This is the most common thing for changing your site. The web designer will simply alter the way your site looks and put a brand new face on it. They won’t touch the structure of the site for a re-design. Anytime you just want to change the design and leave the structure intact, re-designing is your best option.Re-Structure Your Site – When this option is chosen, it’s the opposite of the one above. In this update you will have the structure changed, but not the design. Some site owners are totally satisfied with the design, but need to have structure improvements made so their sites will have a better flow to them.Re-branding – This approach is one that is quite broad. In this technique you will re-design every part of your website. This means a change in the logo, in your design, in the content you have, and in the structure. Every aspect is designed all over again and your company gets re-branded and takes on a whole different marketing approach.Re-alignment – This is also an approach that can have a positive impact on your site. You main goal for the site is not altered here. But in order to better facilitate and produce more success, some adjustments will be made. This could be in content or structure, or in design.Re-think The Whole Thing – This is a process that many go through at times. It involves a lot more than just re-designing the site or re-structuring the site. It means taking a step back and re-thinking the whole concept, redefining the goals of your site. It could be that your content needs to be changed and your intent may have changed a bit. And this could involve re-designing and re-structuring both, as well as updating the content to lead in a slightly different direction. This can be a very useful process if you find your business not producing as it should.

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