Tips for using the right font in your Web site design

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Tips for using the right font in your Web site design

Article by Aidan Doran

A very important part of a web site design is the text and the font that is used in it. There are quite a few types of fonts for you to choose from for your website. And in many cases, it is the choice of the font that differentiates between professional web site designs and novice pieces of work. The size of the font that you use is direct variation to attention where it is said that body text should never go above 16 pixels. This is because most surfers don’t have the patience to scroll a page repeatedly just to read a paragraph. The best way for you to choose the size of your font would be by its position in the web page.Maintain uniformity in the size of text fontTitles or headers of a page should be from 20 to 28 pixels in size as this is a noticeable size that is not distractive. You could have the title as the largest font while sub-titles are capitalized and of a font that is larger than the text font but smaller than the main title. Links, if any, could be the same size as the text font of the web site design, but of a different color. The choice of the right color is another important aspect of website design as the color of the text invokes different feelings in your body. Some colors can release calming chemicals while lots of black indicates power, authority and in some cases, evil.Use purple to depict royalty and power in your website designWhite is related to purity, neutrality and safety while gray is often associated with taxes, death and depression. If you want to depict movement and excitement in your web site design, you have to use red. However as this is an attention grabbing color that creates a loud impression, it should be used in moderation. Blue is the popular option for web site designs as it is related to loyalty and respect. Green is linked with wealth, nature and superiority and is used extensively in hospitals to calm patients. If you want to symbolize happiness, good times and sanguinity, you have to use yellow in your website design. The most ostentatious and showy color for your web site design is orange, which also has links with ambition. Purple is used for depicting royalty, power, ambition, attitude and majesty in the website design. The typeface of the font used in the web sire design should be practical, simple and easy to read. The most popular option to day is Arial as it is a sans-serif typeface that has great proportions, is easy to read and looks great with the right vertical spacing. If you want to highlight important information in the web site design, typeface should be bold, italic and oblique. On keeping all these points in mind about the font and typeface for your web site design, you will reach an interesting and attractive website that is both informative and clear to read.

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