Web Design Courses : Increasing Skills Required to Keep up with Web Trends

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Web Design Courses : Increasing Skills Required to Keep up with Web Trends

Article by Sue Gunn

Experienced web designers and business owners alike understand that design and usability are key factors in the successful development and operation of a website, with design aspects divulging much deeper than simply visual presentation. While a website’s design and appearance must highlight and support a company’s brand and positioning within the market, it must also engage with customers, communicate, inform, persuade and reinforce positive experiences and pathways to action. There are many educational institutions available today that offer specialised web design courses for those students interested in a career as a professional web-designer. A well designed website not only delivers informative, logical and relevant content that empower consumers to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently, but does so in a manner that is not time consuming and makes a lasting impression upon the visitor to the site. With this in mind, superior performing websites are based on design principles that provide intuitive and logical information and actions flows, while providing familiar formats, layouts and menu names. The easier the website is to use, the more likely that the consumer will use it.According to a recent online poll carried out by Webcopyplus, the demand for superior web design is increasing, with almost 25% of participants indicating that poor visual presentation as the primary factor that drives them away from websites. Additionally, slow loading times and poor web copy are also rated as elements of frustration when perusing websites. This illustrates that businesses need to take their web-writing seriously. While there seems to be increasing awareness of websites as an effective marketing and branding tool, many organisations are still failing to realise that professionally written website copy text can increase a business’s profits by providing content that is informative, persuasive and emotive. Additionally, professionally written web content can provide a competitive advantage by differentiating the business from competitors, while increasing search engine visibility through the clever use of keywords and meta tags. The trend of designing websites with flash introductions that was popularised in the 90’s is now considered generally unacceptable. This is due to the extended times required to load such features, time which most modern consumers deem unacceptable. Today, most people wish to access the information they require in the shortest time possible, with as few clicks as possible. Good web designers and developers respond by optimizing images, streamlining HTML and avoiding these dated gimmicks. Therefore, the key to good web design is to give internet users what they want. The benefits of this approach are numerous, including satisfied consumers who can navigate through the site with ease, and businesses that experience increased sales through a more informative and logically designed site. It is relatively apparent that demand for professional courses and experienced and knowledgeable web designers, is only set to increase due to the increasing requirements of business, as well as the adaption of constantly evolving technologies utilised in the internet. And as more people are directed to the web for everything from informal and casual encounters to researching specific consumer queries, more businesses will rely on web specialists who can contribute to effective design.The popularity of the Internet and the trends in media have situated multimedia and web-designers in high demand in today’s work force, and that trend is expected to continue. These changes mean that specialist education courses in this area and continuing professional development will become increasingly important in this ever changing online environment.

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