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Design A Website In Just An Hour

Article by Tem Balanco

Almost everyone needs a website in these times. Not only do huge corporations need them, but self-employed companies do as well. Even families need websites. Not nearly as easily acquired as cell phones or MP3 players, a web presence is nearly as mandatory to today’s society.

In the past, the only way to design a website was to learn a special code called “HTML” which stands for “hypertext markup language.” It is a way of telling a computer server how to arrange text and pictures and other features on a web page and it formats text as well. Other HTML code allows the use of links and functions such as shopping carts and e-mail links.

Until recently to know how to design a web site meant knowing a lot of complicated HTML code in addition to getting a domain name and renting space on a web server, but things have really changed. Many of the companies that sell web space have simple templates that make it possible to design a website without knowing any HTML at all!

Many web services, including your ISP, offer free web space that offer user friendly formats to create a site. Similar to a “paint by number” picture from childhood, you only need type inside a box, and the template fills in the rest. Chat rooms, music, and videos are all offered at some sites, using a basic template.

Domain name and server companies often offer templates to design a website at no extra charge over the space rental and name charges. Best of all, they offer tech help for their own users so that you can get design advice often 24/7 and live. This makes a person much more confident in creating a site.

An alternative to design a website is buying a web page designing software program package. You can choose from a variety of products offering different capabilities and price points depending on your requirements. Even though some of the programs may be more complicated than the free templates available, you will not have to learn how to write codes in order to design a web site. With these products, anyone can easily put up a good website quickly and easily.

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Almost everyone needs a website in these times. Until lately in order to know how to design a web site meant having to know a lot of complex HTML coding plus obtaining a domain name and getting space on a web server.

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