Why Simple Web Design Is Better

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Why Simple Web Design Is Better

Article by Chris

Website design has evolved over the years. If you look at websites 10 years ago and compare them to site today there is quite a noticeable difference. The code that is used to create a website is called HTML. This code has evolved over the years and the rules that govern it have changed as well. However with all these new tools available to use web designers have gone crazy. They try to incorporate all the newest techniques into every site they make. Sometimes these sites work out, but the majority of the time they just don’t get the job done.

The main job of a website is to convey the message that the owner of the website intends to convey. The majority of the time this is to sell something, but sometimes sites are up just for informational purposes. Sometimes when a web designer creates a website they make it too complicated. If a customer is looking to buy a dog collar, they don’t need a flash presentation on how to do so. In fact they probably just want a represent of the product and a product description. Sometimes keeping it simple will have a better effect with your customers.

The code that is used has changed as well. The industry standard for creating a layout of a website a few years ago was to use tables. Now tables have become obsolete and CSS (cascading style sheets) are the artefact to go. CSS allows you to keep all of your design aspects in one file. CSS is also faster loading and greatly increases the speed in which your website loads.

No matter what kind of website you are creating sometimes it is important to remember that less can be more. If the customer is looking for a specific product, provide it to them; don’t make them jump through hoops to purchase your product.

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