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Simple web design tips

Article by Charles Fairmont

There is always a need of improving the traffic to your website and thereby the design of your website should be user friendly and perfect. There are various things you can do to keep the website design spick and span. Firstly, a web site should be read easily. Therefore, the text and the background colors should be chosen carefully. For example, you should avoid a blue color text written on a black background. The result will be that the visitor of your site will leave it immediately. It is recommended to use a light colored background for a dark colored text. In addition, letters should not be too small or too large. If they are too small, Granny will not be able to order their new glasses online, and if they are too large it looks like they are invading your sight.In order to be sure that the visitors of your site are comfortable with your text, you should align it to the left. Furthermore, visitors should navigate easily through your site. Buttons or tabs or other graphic images should be available. Flashy effects should be avoided because they are tiring for the eyes. Statistics say that the number of schools in which green boards are used instead of black boards is increasing, because green is a reassuring color, so students provide better results in schools which use green boards. Thus, green color used anywhere on your site might be successful.Your links must be unique. They must not be confounded with the titles.Information needed by visitors should be found in no more than three clicks. Otherwise, they will click off immediately. Part of a web designer’s work is to use the color efficiently, so that it can present on the internet, information, products, services or organizations. Colors have impact not only upon our health, but also upon human psychic. They can stimulate it, they can convince it to buy a product or a piece of information, or they can even inspire it. Even if green is good for our health, experts established that blue is the most agreeable color. Blue is one of the colors which express certitude almost in all the cultures (compared to black which in most of the cultures suggest death, bad luck etc.). You can use confidently blue color in almost all kinds of sites, irrespective of the purpose of the site (commercial, art, governmental etc.) or of its location (North America, Europe etc.). Why is blue color so agreeable for the human eye? The same experts speculate that this is possible because human psychic associates blue color with the sky – and its implications, with religious or metaphysical connotations – which must not be ignored – and of other nature (freedom, universality etc.) of this universal constant in human existence.Other colors can not be classified so easily. Pink, for example, for visitors from India or Europe is associated with feminine issues, which can’t be agreeable for men (imagine a pink web site for tools!). But in Japan for example, pink is appreciated by both sexes. You also may associate the color of the site with the products sold on it. For example, think of the suitable colors for a natural remedies site! Thus, the problem of colors is essential when you want to have your own web site. Colors do send messages.

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