Web Design Templates or Custom Websites?

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Web Design Templates or Custom Websites?

Article by Brodie sword

Given the increased demand for quality websites at affordable prices, web designers responded with website design templates. While the template websites are very affordable, they lack the customization necessary to have a high quality web design that accurately represents the business. The other extreme of web design templates used to be a complete custom website design, which was not affordable for fledgling businesses. Now, small businesses can purchase customized websites at template prices by combining the two offerings.

Website designers spend years learning the technology and skills needed to create high quality, attractive and user-friendly websites. They have an eye for color, placement, and visual aspects of web design that everyday Jo Bloggs just doesn’t have. When website designers are given the freedom to utilize the development programs and methods that they are most skilled with, the result is a generally a website design which you will be thoroughly satisfied with, which your customers will enjoy using and which you will feel reflects your business accurately. The time saved in collaborating back and forth with the client is reflected in the price of the web design template as well. From a logical perspective, using a website design template as a starting point saves not only money, but also time in designing the website from the ground up.

Purchasing a web design template that is customizable to your business affords you the best of both worlds; low cost and high quality. The process is as easy: first, the website designers learn about your business. Using this information, they offer you several website design templates to choose from. Once a template is chosen, the next step is customizing the website design for your business. Finally, the business uploads the websites content directly into the website content management system (CMS). You’ll be amazed with what you’ve achieved within a limited budget and timeframe.

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