Why web page designs of AcumenCS work

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Why web page designs of AcumenCS work

Article by Charles Alfred

Clients from the US, the European Union and rest of the world keep coming back to Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001: 2008 web development company in India, for getting their web pages designed.

The web designs of AcumenCS do work.

Why? For:

They Keep It Simple

Your web page has to be attractive but simple. Users won’t be drawn to your site by cute designs alone, but what the page tells and how easily it tells that. AcumenCS brings this maturity in web designs so that your pages effectively communicate to your customers within their short attention span. Designs should be complementary to your content rather than overriding.

Their pages load fast

AcumenCS never creates lengthy pages so that it takes a long time to download. Users, especially first time visitors, don’t like to wait for even 30 seconds for a page to load. Therefore, AcumenCS uses images only sparingly, and keep the logo size small: small logos look smarter and more professional as well. The navigation links are kept simple too.

Nested tables a no-no

Tables inside tables or rather nested tables as well as long vertical tables slow down a web page too. AcumenCS thus designs web pages like tables stacked over one another which gives the impression of faster loading: as a table on the top of another table starts loading, the user gets to read it while the table below downloads.

Backward Compatibility

AcumenCS values backward compatibility i.e. compatibility with previous versions, which is very important as regards retaining users of previous generations who constitute a major part of net users.

Information above the fold

AcumenCS designs web pages so that the exact information the user is looking for is above the fold. Above the Fold means that section of the web page which can be viewed without scrolling down. The information above the fold should lead your potential customers to scroll down the page.

Home pages keeping users interested

Your home page is your first impression to users. Users visit sites looking for useful information. They may be first time visitors who may have found you in the Google search engine while looking for a service related to you. They will have plenty of options of similar sites before them. Therefore, you have to inform the users fast. Important parts of text that will draw users into your site should be emboldened. Searching for useful information on your site should be easy for your users. They won’t like to sift through cluttered texts for the information they are looking for, and will rather choose to click their way out of the site. If it doesn’t suit the nature or theme of your site, don’t use splash screens and the sort, for they deny the click away access to your home page. AcumenCS keeps all this in mind while designing your home page.

Headlines and Subheadings

Use them. For they are instrumental in making users read further. They should be like overviews giving fair enough idea of the overall site.

60-70-character text line

Wide texts running through the full length of the computer screen are disconcerting and AcumenCS avoids them always.


About the Author

Charles Alfred is the contributing writer of Acumen Consultancy Services. He is specialized in writing articles about web development company .

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