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Free Internet Marketing Methods

Article by Jon Allo

The best way to get your new ‘work from home’ business off the ground it to implement a mixture of both free and paid marketing methods.

Here are a few free methods to help get your website noticed drive potential customers to it.

Get Your Website onto Search Engines
Firstly, make sure that your website can be found by the search engines. To check if your website can be found, type your website address into the search and see if it comes up. Currently, the most five popular ones are Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, Ask and AOL Search.

The best way to actually get your work from home business into the main search engines, is to have a link from another website back to your website. This could be a link from a blog, forum, article directory or another website.

Most of the major search engines will find your website if you have unique content and update it regularly. You can manually submit your website and to do this, just go the search engine and type in “how to submit website” and it will give you the instructions.

Regularly Update Your Website Content
Update your website content by regularly checking that your keywords are still relevant in your market. Keywords are the phrases and text that your potential customer will type into a search engine to try and find the products or services that you are selling with your home business. You can check your keywords with Google AdWords and WordTracker.

Use Free Web Traffic Tools
By installing these tools you can see what is working, what is not, and which pages are most popular on your work from home website. These tools help you to adapt your website to suit your visitor’s needs and requirements. Google Analytics is probably the most popular free analytics package available for individual work from home website owners, but there are others such as AWStats, eLogic, ShinyStat and SiteMeter.

Learn to Use Web Design Templates
It is one job getting visitors to your website and it is another job getting them to stay. A well designed and easy to use website is vital to keeping visitors on your website. You don’t have to be a qualified web designer to be able to create your website. There are many free web design templates available for the work from home business owner to use.

Use Article Directories
Write articles and submit them to article directories. If you have a work from home business, you can write about how you are setting it up and provide hints and tips for other online entrepreneurs. Article marketing is a technique to generate quality backlinks to your website quickly and easily and it does not cost you anything to submit your article. Each article has a resource information box which goes at the end of the article. You can use this resource box to encourage readers to visit your website. Top article directories include ezinearticles, articlesbase, goarticles and articlealley.

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