20 New Powerful Tips, Tricks, & Hacks in Photoshop

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WATCH ONE TRICK, OR WATCH ALL 20! | Check out this nice mix of cool and useful features, tricks, tips, and hacks that you can use in Photoshop (and some new stuff that is in Photoshop CC 2018)

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00:45 1.) Path Thickness
01:40 2.) Add/Delete Anchors Tip
02:28 3.) Layer Style Auto Drop Down
03:45 4.) Precise Lens Flares
05:30 5.) Dodge/Burn Layer
07:16 6.) Sticky Hotkeys
08:26 7.) Easy Color Swapping w/ CC Libraries
09:44 8.) Duplicate & Transform Hotkey
10:44 9.) No More “Copy”
11:24 10.) Top Camera RAW Sharpening Tips
13:24 11.) Fast or Precise Scrubby Sliders
14:52 12.) Filled Layer Masks
15:33 13.) Moving Shapes and Selections in the moment
16:23 14.) Loading Transparency
17:31 15.) Bringing Back Refine Edge
18:35 16.) Adjustment Layer Presets
20:37 17.) Paragraph v. Point Text
23:04 18.) Esc to Dump or Commit Type Edits
24:09 19.) The Best Highlight (Probably)
25:58 20.) Multiple Masks for One Layer
28:15 BONUS TIP: Selecting Layer Content Within a Selection

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll jump in and check out 20 different things that you will love about Photoshop and even a bonus tip thrown in at the end because we all love a little bonus here or there. We’ll cover stuff like CC Library color tricks, new Path features, the duplicate transform effect, Camera RAW sharpening for anything, multiple masks, loading transparency, sticky hotkeys, scrubby sliders, and so much more!

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