From SketchUp to Photoshop – 7 quick tips for success

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Ready to render your SketchUp models in Photoshop? This SketchUp tutorial will show you the key things you need to do in SketchUp first to set yourself up for success in Photoshop. In this video, we cover:

Introduction (00:00)
1⃣ Split Your SketchUp Image into Photoshop Layers (02:06)
2⃣ Export Transparency & Alpha Channels (05:54)
3⃣ Create Selection Helper Scenes (07:14)
4⃣ Use SketchUp’s Horizon (09:03)
5⃣ Isolate SketchUp Tags for Reference (10:19)
6⃣ Turn SketchUp Fog into a Depth of Field Effect (11:49)
7⃣ Streamline Your SketchUp to Photoshop Workflow (13:45)


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