GIMP Beginners Tutorial – No Photoshop No Problem

Select this video if you want to learn quickly and easily about GIMP. No Photoshop, No problem! Learn how to use GIMP 2020. GIMP is a FREE image editor that works on Windows, OS X and Linux. GIMP is a powerful and free Photoshop alternative. Use GIMP’s sophisticated tools to create original digital paintings and photo editing. Check out the timestamps below to jump to different parts of the video.

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0:00 Start
0:56 Downloading GIMP
1:26 Customizing your GIMP experience
1:56 Change GIMP theme color (dark/light)
2:14 Change icon theme and icon size in GIMP
4:03 Create a new composition
5:19 Paint bucket tool
6:18 Selection tool in GIMP
8:20 Brush and Drawing tools in GIMP
10:48 Making a YouTube thumbnail
12:19 Scale tool image
12:30 Move tool
12:41 Align images in GIMP
13:13 Rotate images
13:53 Text tool
16:09 Adding filters to layers
16:57 Saving and exporting in GIMP
17:55 Gradient too
19:35 Understanding layers
21:13 Photo editing
21:19 Healing tool in GIMP (remove acne)
22:29 Clone tool
23:22 Crop tool
24:00 Fuzzy select tool (green screen example)
25:03 Invert selection
26:07 Color picker tool in GIMP

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