Focus Stacking in Photoshop for Beginners

In this quick tutorial I am going to show you how to perform focus stacking in Photoshop. Focus stacking is when you blend or stack together several images of the same subject with different portions of it in focus to get the subject in full focus. This is particularly useful with food photographs, statues and the moon if you are zoomed in very close.

To perform a focus stack you will need a set of images of the same subject.

When taking the photos you keep your camera in the same spot to take all of the images and do not zoom in or out.

You start by focusing on one portion of the object and going over it piece by piece until you have taken an image with each part that you want in focus.

After that you simply can follow this video to perform a stack.

This is great for vacation photos of buildings, I use this method often on temples. I also use it for food so I can show you guys what the whole object looks like. Many of my Big Buddha Phuket shots on the LIOP Instagram account also use focus stacking to get those detailed statues in full focus. This is also a great method for developing macro photography skills. So if you like to photograph coins, insects and other small things while on your holiday the info in this video is for you.

For this demonstration I used a platter of tacos from Conteago Cafe in North York, Toronto Ontario. I wish oh how I wish I could have a taco right now! Keep in mind you may want to have a full stomach if you plan to edit food 🙂

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