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Hi guys Jessica here in today’s. Video I’m gonna show you guys all of my camera equipment, so lenses, film, cameras, camera accessories, anything that I would take with me on a photoshoot or that I have used in my photography.

I’m gonna be talking about today. So let’s get started there’s a lot there’s a lot to go through. So let’s. Go now before we begin this. Video is brought to you by Squarespace. I get asked a lot about what camera I use and what lens I use.

So let that’s, a good place to start okay. So this is my go-to setup. We have the Canon 5d Mark 4 and then we have the 24 to 70 2.8 lens, both Canon. This is an L Series lens it’s. My favorite lens a lot of the shoots that you guys see on my Instagram or on my portfolio on Jessica BC.

Calm, a lot of those pictures were taken with the 24 to 70 lens. This lens is very versatile and I just like the fact that I can get a close portrait or I can get something a little bit wider show some of the scenery, so it just gives me a little bit more options and then the 5d Mark 4.

I get asked so much. Are you gonna switch to Marilu soon? Are you gonna ditch your dinosaur camera Jessica’s, holding a camera from like the 1900s at this point, because that’s? What people see this as now I don’t know why you guys are roasting this, I personally like it.

I don’t, see I like my 5d Mark 4. Personally, I can’t, see myself upgrading anytime soon, like I, I’m, not constantly like thinking about it. When I sleep my gosh, I you know I just don’t. I have other things to dream about.

I have like a list of stuff in it. It’s long, you know and the nightmares get in the way. Sometimes so I’m just trying to make room and the marry list thing it’s not on the list yet so it hasn’t made it there.

You know we’re thinking about it. The quality of maryland ‘ S is really great, but you know I really like the the setup that I have right now. I’m very comfortable with it, but I am open to upgrading eventually, but I don’t know don’t quote me: I don’t know I don’t know what’S gonna happen.

We’ll, see let’s. Just mark me down, for maybe I don’t know. So one thing, though, that 2470 lens is a very expensive lens, just like literally almost every every lens out. There is very expensive, especially at L Series lens, so I really wanted this lens.

I ended up going on eBay and finding it for like five hundred dollars cheaper. It was used. It had a little bit of wear and tear, so it wasn’t completely brand new. But you know, honestly, you can get some really good lenses for way cheaper if you just buy them use and make sure that they’re in good condition and make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller like don’t go buy from like the first person.

You see that lists this lens for like twenty dollars, you know, like oh used it one time you know fifty dollars like if it’s too good to be true covet. It probably is: okay, look don’t, go there don’t.

Do it? Okay, the 35 one point for this has been through so much with me. You know I’ve used this for some of my most important photo shoots. I shoot almost all my weddings, my wedding couple sessions with this lens.

It’s such an important lens to me, like we have so much history together. It’s, a one-point 4/3. I got thirty five-millimeter honestly, I will not do a wedding without this lens. It’s wide enough where I can get a nice portrait, but then step back and get some more scenic shots with my clients.

I don’t use this a lot for model shoots though it’s, kind of strictly for wedding clients like bride and groom pictures. Sometimes I’ll get some nice like decor pictures with it like at the venue. You know, since I can shoot wide open, it makes it look kind of dreamy and nice, and so this is such a great lens to have.

I definitely 100 %, recommend it. If you’re, shooting weddings, beautiful, beautiful lens, so the next lenses we have are the 50 millimeters. We have 50 1.2 51.4. Now let me tell you about these, because if you’re, probably watching this and thinking hey – which one should I choose – 1.

2 1.4, it’s, a very common question: should you splurge pay the extra money just get the 1.2, or should You just do the 1.4. I want to be 100 % honest with you guys. I will probably just end up using this lines most of the time because it’s lighter.

I still get some amazing quality with it. Honestly, if I even put two pictures one with the 1.4 one with 1.2, you probably couldn’t even tell the difference. I know. I really feel that way when I’m shooting I don’t feel like oh yeah.

This is 1.2 quality, yeah extra thousand dollars. We, I could see the thousand dollars in this picture, no doesn’t. It never have feel so if you have the extra money get the 1.2. If you really want to get the L Series lens, but if you were on a budget – and I was on a budget when I first started photography – so I couldn’t afford a lot of l-series lenses.

I started out with the 1.4. This is such a beautiful lens worth every single penny I’ve, used it so much. This was my original favorite lens, so yeah. This is such a nice lens and don’t feel like you’re missing out, because you don’t have the 1.

2 lens. So I use these lenses a lot and I definitely recommend them and I love them both. So the Sigma 24 millimeter 1.4 lens – this is my first sigma lens. I’ve, heard a lot of good things about Sigma, the quality the sharpness.

So I was really excited to use this. I used it for literally a hundred fold shoot that I did last year for an engagement session and we we got some really nice pictures with it. Great quality focus really nicely so definitely the quality was there.

I think it because it was my first time using a prime so wide like this. I it was. It was like a little bit of a learning curve because it was so so wide. We would recommend it to wedding photographers who want a little bit more scenic shots.

I see a lot of photographers, especially for weddings, putting the bread in the groom at the very bottom of the you know the composition and then having a lot of the scenery fill the rest of the frame.

So I was kind of thinking along those lines. Definitely excited to use this for my future weddings, one other lens that I don’t use too often, but I bring with me to every single wedding: is the mackerel 50 and says a 2.

8 lens? I do a lot of ring shots with this. This is like for super super close-up detail shots. I was shooting a wedding and one of the videographers was using this exact lens to get a detail shot of the ring, and I was watching him record and I’m like wow.

That’s, some really nice quality. What lens is this? So he recommended it to me. It’s, the 15 macro lens, I believe I bought it online used for about 150 or 200 dollars. I’m gonna take this with me to every wedding that I shoot, so I can get detail shots of the Rings: the cards, flowers, cakes, all that stuff.

I use this lens very, very helpful to have a macro lens as a wedding photographer. So I would recommend this one as well. Okay, let’s, see what else we got here: okay, okay, okay! I use this. You guys, I use it once a year.

The next lens do, I regret buying it. Oh yeah, I kind of do because I don’t really use it a lot, but maybe in the future, when we’re allowed back outside, I will I’m gonna be able to use this, and I will I’ll, get my money’s worth so this is the 85 one-point-four lens now this is a newer version that Canon came out with they have the 1.

2, which is I was debating between the two. Should I get the 1.4 or should I get the 1.2? I think I spent a week researching and kind of debating like 1.4 1.2. I ended up getting the 1.4. So let me tell you why a couple things this was cheaper.

This way less than the 1.2. So you know for me, I hate huge bulky lenses. I’m gonna feel. Like I’m being weighed down, I weigh like a hundred pounds, so it’s like. If you weigh more than me, I don’t want to carry you with me.

You know I don’t want to carry your weight. I’m carrying. You know I’m carrying my own me yeah. If I can avoid carrying those super heavy lens, I will I’ll. Do it this weighs a little less than the one point two.

It has better image stabilization. It focuses faster. So that is why I chose it over the one point: two such nice, creamy, bokeh and yeah. Definitely a recommendation. If you’re a portrait photographer and you can get some nice little BOTS, you know and do full body who cares just do whatever you want, because they have to be portraits.

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To save 10 % off your first purchase of a website or a domain with that being said, let’s, get back into the video, so this is a 24 to 105 lens. Honestly, I haven’t really used it that much or at all, when you have a favorite lens, you tend to use that a lot more for every situation rather than oh yeah.

Let me use like a totally different lens and the situate usually just do whatever is most comfortable, that’s kind of what I got used to, but I I do want to try more shots with this lens, because it is, you know it &.

# 39 s 105. I can get really close with this. Have I tried it a lot? No, am i interested in it yeah like where I would have a relationship with this, but I have like all these. You know. I got a lot going on.

Another reason why I haven’t used this too much is because it is f4. So I don’t know. Maybe if I’m like in a studio, I’ll bring this out, but for natural light. I need I need a couple more steps, so so maybe I’ll use this in the future, with like 15 studio lights, just being dramatic, but yeah.

This is still a good lens, but I don ‘ T really use it that so this one kind of awkward gonna sell in the box. It’s kind of large. It’s, a 70 to 300 millimeter lens. It’s f4 to 5.6. It’s. An L Series lens, I haven’t had a chance to use this up.

You know I just things get a little hectic and I don’t. Think yeah. Let me bring my 72 300 now you don’t. Have so many other lenses that I may want to use and I’ve used before, but I definitely want to make a video on this and try it out it’s on my list of things to do so now that we’ve got the lenses out of the way.

Let me tell you guys, oh my little accessories here and there, so I use the Profoto a1 flash for almost all of my weddings. This comes with me everywhere. I absolutely love it. It’s, so easy to use the battery life is amazing.

I mean I don’t, get nervous. Taking this on a wedding, and I’m thinking. The battery’s. Gon na die like 10 minutes later. So charges pretty fast again, the one thing is that it’s, easy to use because I’ve used.

So many flashes that were it was like taking like a law-school bar exam. I don’t know. It was just like 15 buttons everywhere, but this comes with me to a lot of my weddings and I carry stuff like a little card holder here.

This is a CF card, recod holder, and so I just keep my cards in here, just toss it in my bag and it keeps my cards nice and safe and organized, and so that comes with me. So if you’re wondering the brand for the first cardholder, the second cardholder I actually bought off of Amazon, it’s called vua.

This one’s for my SD cards as well, and they have the same one. But for CF cards and it’s a little bit more rugged. It’s more protected and it’s, just very sturdy. So if you’re looking for card holders would definitely recommend this one again.

The brand is B way, so I recently got into film photography. I bought this at a thrift shop in Paris with my friend. She was like. You should try this camera, it’s like five euros and I’m. Does it even still work so we bought it? We took it to a camera shop in Paris.

He like checked it. For me, he’s like yeah still works, you just need batteries and everything looks to be in order. So I actually took pictures while I was in Paris using this camera, I’ll. Show you guys some of those.

This is the AF 35 M. It’s, a Canon point-and-shoot film camera. It’s, 38 millimeter, and I’ve loved. Using this. It’s, so much fun. I don’t have a lot of time to use it, because it does require a little bit more work got ta, get the film loaded in properly.

You know make sure that the oh – I still have film in this well got to make sure that the aasa ‘ Is I don’t, keep it at 400. To be honest with you, I’m guessing that’s ISO. You know it has a flash option which is really cool and yeah.

So I’m still. Okay, as you can see, we’re. Okay. I’m. I’m, a professional audience. We’re good. You guys look good! You’re, asking sponsor me: okay, that’s; okay, what’s going on here close? Maybe I put this in well: let’s, not do that anymore.

Okay, well, plus some tape on there. We’re good, so got into a little bit of a film photography. You can say that I’m cultured. You know on my hipster what I didn’t want to say you know I have. I got right here.

This is it. I, like the process of film and I’m, really enjoying getting the pictures developed and then seeing them days later, not even remembering what I took and see it’s like a surprise. Every time who doesn’t like surprises right, I can think of a couple of things that I wouldn’t like to be surprised with yeah, so that’s, all that’s in my camera bag, even Though that was a lot that was a lot of stuff just know, I earned everything I paid for everything, with the exception of like one or two lenses that Canon might have sent me everything else.

You see blood, sweat and tears a lot more tears than blood in the sweat think you know what I mean just crying constantly. You know in the corner being said you don’t, I mean just step kind of thin yeah, so anyways that’s.

My kit, I really hope you guys enjoyed watching. Let me know if you guys have any questions about the equipment that I use. They gear that I use leave them down below. I’ll. Try to answer as many as I can.

I would love to thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys later

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